August 2016 - Creating a More Organized and Purposeful Life


Here are a few tips or reminders for organizing life as school is back in session and traveling ends.  Some of you who have worked with me one on one may find this familiar. I hope you find these helpful whether a reminder or a new thought for the fall.

1. Be intentional. The brain is wired to function most effectively if we set goals.  If you do not have your goals written down for your health, your business, your spiritual life and all areas of life how will you know your direction? If you aim at nothing you hit nothing.  Now is the time to start, block some time and start now with goal setting.  Anthony Robbins says, “Your current conditions do not reflect your ultimate potential, but rather the size and quality of goals upon which you currently are focusing.”

2.  Calendar everything.  That means planning the healthy meals, getting the exercise, time with the kids, even when you will go to bed to make sure you get that healing sleep.  We are more likely to keep appointments with ourselves when we block the time.

3. Get rid of the sticky notes and keep one notebook or digital journal for notes of the day, phone calls, anything you need to remember etc. This journal then can be looked at the end of the day and provides way to add events, or actions to your task manager and calendar.

4. Speaking of a task manager…. Do you have one… more than a TO DO list but a tool that helps you prioritize and is easy to access? One simple free one is Remember the Milk which also has an app for your smart phone or tablet. Just find one that works for you and use it.   Each night before bed, make sure you have your plan for the day and priority tasks on the calendar.  Not only will you feel less frantic but the practicality of even doing the small things of starting our day the night before is great to decrease the morning rush.  Decide if tasks such as laying out clothes, making sure the kitchen is clean, lunches made and read to grab, breakfast ready or at least bowls on the table, and any items that need to go with you are already in the car or by the door can decrease stress and sense of rush.  Then reviewing your goals and plans for the day the night before gives your subconscious the ability to begin to enable you to accomplish your goals and plans.  One exercise is to go to sleep at night seeing your day ahead just as you want it to be.

5. Do weekly planning… learn to look ahead at least a week at a time so you are less likely to live in the urgent.  Then schedule a quarterly planning retreat with yourself or your family; this is the time to assess your long term goals and activities and ask the question if your goals and activities align with your personal values and sense of calling.

Finally, although this is not an organizational tip but as we rethink goals for the last part of 2016, this one skill is a difference maker.  Be intentional about gratitude in your life.  Here is a challenge: set a goal to not  let  your feet hit the floor in the morning until you have said 10 things you are grateful for and then at night before bed to do the same and give thanks for the good in your life? It’s a game changer!

Own your life by taking full responsibility.  Remember that day by day, step by step knowing that each baby step makes a difference.  This is our one and only life and making it what we want starts now, this day!  Would love to hear from you what has worked and certainly here if you need support.

Gail S. Pendergrast, MS, CPC
Certified Life and Health Coach


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