November 2016 - Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Return to AAHH!


From our very beginning, Aiken-Augusta Holistic Health has been promoting the effectiveness of acupuncture to promote health and relieve discomfort.  And we have been fortunate to have excellent acupuncturists sharing our space over time, but have been missing that service for a while.  But now, we are happy to announce our association with Dr. Lianying He, who has opened her acupuncture practice at Aiken-Augusta Holistic Health.


What can acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine do for you? Here is a short, abbreviated list of conditions that can benefit:


  • Allergies and sinus conditions
  • Generalized anxiety
  • Chronic arthritis, especially the knees
  • Chronic low back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Asthma and chronic bronchitis
  • Headaches and other chronic pain
  • Insomnia
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Menopause related symptoms


You should also know that the acupuncture needles are often as fine as a human hair and are usually not uncomfortable during insertion.  But if you are concerned about the needles, the use of acupressure points or laser acupuncture can often accomplish similar goals without needles.  Traditional Chinese Medicine also uses herbal medicines effectively, either alone or alongside acupuncture.  This can be a very effective medical system, either alone or used along with conventional Western medicine.


Dr. He studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, and completed her internship and residency in the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Beijing Hospital in Beijing, China. At one of the top level hospitals in China, she practiced acupuncture and herbal medicine under the supervision of top level TCM experts in the country.


We are fortunate indeed to have this very talented professional here in the Augusta area, and available for appointments at Aiken-Augusta Holistic Health!

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