Karen Cota, RDN, LD CDE

Karen has over 20 years of experience in providing nutrition counseling and education for pediatric patients through mature adults. She has a strong personal and professional interest in health promotion, disease prvention, wellness and fitness as it relates to healthy aging, and achieving opimum health. Her goal when working with patients is to help them understand the basics of nutrition as it relates to their health goals and then finds foods they like that can also help them achieve their best health. She feels it is important to follow the research as a guide to healthy eating patterns for disease prevention and wellness. She is passionate baout helping patients embrace the delicious taste of minimially processed food choices and getting back to basics.

Nutrition Consults

Available For:

  • Diabetes Management & Education
  • Health Promotion/Disease Prevention
  • Achieving & Maintaining a Healthy Weight
  • GI Health - Promoting a Healthy Gut
  • Healthy Aging
  • Women's Health
  • Disease-specific Nutirtion Education

Meet with Karen

Initial Consultation ($100.00)

Initial 90-minute appointment and one 30-minute follow-up for assessment of current diet, identification of health/nutrtition goals, nutrition education, and establishing a plan to achieve health/nutrition goals.


Additional 30-minute follow-up appointments are $60.

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