Health and Life Coaching

Gail Pendergrast, CPC, BSN, MS

What is Health and Life Coaching?

  • Empowering others to see their potential
  • Helping the invisible to become visible
  • A partnership that helps to create clarity, focus, growth and results.

According to the International Coaching Federation, “Professional coaching is a distinct service which focuses on an individual’s life as it relates to goal setting, outcome creation and personal change management.”

Who would benefit from Health and Life Coaching?

  • You want to experience more fulfillment and passion in your life.
  • You want to have more success in your business, home, health or relationships.
  • You feel stuck and want to move to another level in a relationships, career, with your health, life or business goals.
  • You want some accountability in your life to move you to the next level.
  • You want to create more balance in your life.
  • You desire support and accountability in overcoming addiction or weight management.
  • You want to have more awareness in your life of where you are and where you truly want to go.
  • You know what to do but are having difficulty moving the knowing into doing.
  • You want to turn problems in life into solutions.
  • You want support to deal with parenting.

How does coaching work?

  • Coaching can be done in person or over the phone.
  • Phone coaching allows for greater flexibility.
  • Take advantage of a complimentary 30 minute coaching session to see if working with me is a good fit.
  • If you decided to continue, I ask you to commit to at least three sessions. Many find change takes time and coaching is invaluable for reaching goals.


Fees For Health and Life Coaching

  • Individual Coaching: ( $85.00 per session or  $225 for three sessions)
  • Initial Complimentary session 30 minutes done over the phone (An assessment form provided to guide session)
  • Follow up package includes:
  • 60 minute session for detailed assessment of goals and
  • concerns.
  • Three 50 minute follow up sessions done over 4-6 weeks.
  • Unlimited email coaching.
  • Brief 5 -7 minute coaching calls for urgent needs in between calls
  • Unlimited email contact
  • Mission Group Coaching session prices depending on size of group. Create your own group. Call Gail for ideas and assistance in marketing)
  • Involves 4-6 clients who are focused on the same purpose or task
  • This provides an economical experience and added accountability.
  • The Mission Group will have 4 sessions (50 minutes per session)
  • Each member will have an additional 60 minute individual
  • Unlimited email contact
  • These sessions are all done by phone and will require a long distance connection, so that all members can be on one line.
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