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What Are Our Patients and Clients  Saying?

"Our Area is Lucky..."

Lynne - Aiken, South Carolina, 2017

Our area is lucky to have this great office. More and more we are looking for alternatives to the piecemeal, prescription-based response to our ailments. I love the HOLISTIC approach and Dr. Pendergrast, Gail, and everyone there are compassionate and wise people.

" Her skills surpass massage therapists I have been to who have been practicing for years. "

Amy F. , Martinez, Georgia 2019


I first encountered Amanda while she was in massage school. I will be honest, I did not expect a "real"massage but one from someone who was in the process of learning. Oh my goodness was I wrong! Amanda has a gift! I have horrible neck pain being treated by a pain management doctor, but Amanda's
gift for massage has become part of my treatment. Her skills surpass massage therapists I have been to who have been practicing for years. She has a passion for what she is doing and genuine concern for her clients. I would recommend anyone, especially those with particular issues (like my neck) to seek her out! You will not be sorry!

"I Have Been Medication Free..."

Terri - Augusta, Georgia, 2017

I visited Dr. Pendergrast in 2012 for help with rheumatoid arthritis. Because of the help he offered me, I have been medication free for over three years (2017), and feel fabulous. For those who wish to take their health back through natural means, these are the people to contact. My only regret was not going sooner!

"He Addressed All of my Concerns..."

Sara - Aiken, South Carolina, May 2017

As a young mother of 3 being diagnosed left me scared. Dr. Pendergrast helped design a plan I was comfortable with. He addressed all of my concerns and remains a vital part of my healing. Thank you Dr. Pendergrast and all the staff at Aiken Augusta Holistic Health.

"Gail is Absolutely Amazing..."

Debbie - Martinez, Georgia, December 2016

Several years ago, I had a diagnosis from an ophthalmologist that motivated me to improve my overall health in order to (I hoped) stave off slowly going blind (a “death” sentence for a photographer, graphic designer, researcher, and historian). Regular medicine offered the usual advice: lose weight. Nothing about how, or how that would improve my health. So, I saw the Pendergrast’s “Eight Healthy Steps” class advertised and signed up for it. Within six months, I’d lost 30 pounds without even trying, and now, six or seven years later, there’s been absolutely no deterioration in my condition. I credit what I learned from Gail and Robert with that success.
I’ve also worked with Gail as a life coach, and she’s absolutely amazing at that, and my husband and I both took Robert’s qi gong course. My husband in particular has found what he learned incredibly helpful in dealing with the stresses of being a university bureaucrat. Gail and Robert and the others in their holistic practice are simply amazing, both in terms of their professionalism, professional services, and as human beings.
I can’t recommend them and their practice highly enough!

"You Were Such a Godsend For Us..."

Parent of a Teen Patient - 2015

Dr. Pendergrast, you were such a Godsend for us – I feel our daughter is ever so much better off without all the chemicals running through her and shes much happier taking things she feels her body really needs. It’s allowed her to be much more involved in what goes into her body.

"Suffered many back injuries for past 25 years."

Cathy H, Evans, Georgia

I suffer from many back injuries that have caused me so much pain for the past 25 years. Amanda has
helped me on many occasions by giving me relief. She is extremely professional and focuses on exactly
what you need. I highly recommend her and will continue to see her on a regular basis.

"Making eating healthy managable and even fun."

Martha, Aiken, SC

Karen Cota took a lot of time wiht me to help make sure I was on the right path to eating a more anti inflammatory diet. She assured me I could make eating healthy managable and even fun. She was kind and truly seemed to care about me. and my journal. I got plenty of support after the appointments.. Highly recommend. Karen. "

"My First Session was Most Helpful..."

Clinical Hypnosis Patients

I first went to see Dr. Pendergrast after a traumatic stay in the hospital where several different teams of doctors tried to increase my circulation so that I would not have a toe amputated… because of the onset of a Raynaud’s (Scleroderma) extreme reaction. The hospital was concerned that with such compromised circulation … that performing an amputation on a toe or toes could possibly lead to losing the foot. I was sent home with many medications including Warfarin in an attempt to get more circulation to the right foot. After a month, the situation had not worsened, but neither had it improved. I was referred to Dr. Pendergrast and his method of hypnotherapy to increase blood circulation. My first session was most helpful in lowering my anxiety level but I was absolutely amazed that evening when I was applying medication to my toes that I could actually see an improvement. I had not been thinking of or expecting any results from an introductory visit. I had not even had the time to do a practice session at home as it was an afternoon appointment and this was early evening. I was tremendously heartened and practiced each day with my self hypnosis CD from Dr. Pendergrast and returned for two more visits, noting continuing improvement over the next weeks. The visiting nurse and the original attending doctor were amazed at the progress we had been unable to make before the hypnotherapy began. 

I noted that along with the increased circulation, my (hypnotherapy) sessions … seemed to lessen my extreme anxiousness and my darker thoughts.


I see so much improvement since I began with Dr. Pendergrast. I have been able to taper down and off some of the medications and am hoping to remove two more so that I will be working with the minimum medication that is absolutely necessary. I have recovered my spirit, which I thought was barely a small spark on the verge of flickering out, and each day I feel stronger, calmer and in charge of helping my body to heal.

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